For pleasure boat and cruise-ship owners like you, one of your main everyday concerns is to ensure your passengers are satisfied and safe. By sailing off the coast, you may think that you are escaping the world that surrounds you and that you are out of range of terrorist risks.

This last words can sound inappropriate. In fact, YCRM members' experience, in particular that of its founding director (15 years in the Special Forces of French Navy and 14 years in the French merchant navy, acting as cruise-ship safety manager), suggests that malicious actions harming your whole industry or personal integrity can be possible.

You embark thousands of people? Your yacht gets out from the shipyard or is bought to a third part ? Its travel to the desired destination has to be secured. You will feel free from any intrusion in its comfortable living space. Industrial espionage or spying on your private life can also happen outside of your usual terrestrial environment.

YCRM is able to anticipate these risks by proposing comprehensive protection services. This new company has a strong network of partners operating in the cruise and yachting industry; some of them were so interested in our project that they have become YCRM associates.

With excellence in mind, YCRM has joined forces with the Gallice Group, which was formed in 2007 by a group of professionals who had gained experience working for French government services (DGSE, GIGN, Marines, etc.). In 2011, Gallice, a member of the French Maritime Cluster, was the first French company to propose professional, armed on-board protection teams for ship-owners from around the world. Its active participation in the debate chaired by the French government on changes in legislation regarding private maritime safety companies has made it a legitimate and efficient partner for YCRM in terms of maritime protection.

For more information

This website gives basic answers to your questions and does not aim to provide detailed information. A meeting with YCRM will help you gain a better understanding of the threats you could potentially be confronted with, enabling you to travel unhampered and at minimum risk.

Stéphane Papillon
YCRM Founding Director